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Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle Spring Action with scope

This weapon was designed and built by Barrett Fireteams Mfg. Inc., specifically by the owner and designer Ronnie Barrette in 1980. It was introduced as a Model 82 (M82), but better known as Barret Light Fifty. Its upgraded version of M82A1 appeared in 1986.

M82 is a US semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle (Heavy type Special Application Scoped Rifle, aka SASR) used by US Army since 1989 and used by many units and armies around the world. It is also called M107 in US army (standardized model number) and “Light Fifty” for its .50BMG (Browning Machine Gun, aka 12.7x99mm) chambering. M82 has 2 main variants, the original M82A1 / M82A3, and M82A2, the bullpup version of M82 Family.

The Barrett M82 is a heavy sniper and anti-material rifle, taken into the US military armament in the late 1980s. The weapon is designed as a self-loading sniper rifle for long distances. Dedicated for the army and security forces and as armament of light combat vehicles. It is one of the first weapons of its kind.

It uses powerful .50 BMG ammunition. Their strong backlash is minimized by using an effective muzzle brake that deflects most of the gas to the sides. This is a sniper rifle of special forces. Its efficient range is over 1800 meters. It was designed to destroy light armored transporters.

Great metal replica of the well-known M82 A1 Barrett sniper rifle. It is spring action rifle. The gun has a massive external parts, such as compensator from ABS plastic, low capacity magazine, long RIS rail to which you can attach a scope of various sizes.In the package you will find a bipod. Scope not included!

SW-02 SP replica is almost entirely made from metal (including steel), the only elements made from high quality polymer are the pistol grip and small external elements. The receiver, RIS rail, barrel cover, bipod, magazine and transport handle were made from metal, while the stock pad was made from rubber in order to improve comfort of usage. The 670 mm metal internal barrel has a diameter of 6.06 mm. The barrel length used in this model significantly improves accuracy.

Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle Spring Action with scope
Magazine50 rd
Length1440 mm
Weight6200 g
Velocity (0,20g)129 m/s

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