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Diablo Fast Full Face Helmet Mandrake


Full face and head protection helmet that is modular and adjustable for your needs. 


This helmet is heavily based on the FAST BJ helmet. The helmet is well ventilated and padded inside to make it more pleasant to wear. Applying the chin strap makes sure that the helmet fits to your head well and does not come off even in rough movement. This helmet fits due most of the players due it's adjustability. Size is roughly 57 - 61 cm. 


Adjusting the helmet can be done multiple ways. There are internal pieces meant to soften the inside of the helmet that you can quite freely place where you want. The fast locking chin strap can be adjusted from 4 separate points. The easiest way how ever is the large dial at the back of the helmet that does the quick adjusting almost automatically. 


Helmet is covered with velcro surface where you can attach light stuff / equipments such as patches or light sticks. At the sides of the helmet there are two rails which are meant for your special equipment such as lights, go pro cameras or straps of your goggles. At the front of the helmet there is a NVG mount. 


The helmet comes with a mask attachment that is equipped with visor. The mask is made out of strong polyurethane, visor out of polycarbonate and the helmet out of strong nylon. You can remove the entire mask just simply unlatching the locks located on both sides of the helmet. 


Due the reason the helmet has multiple adjustments possibilities and the weight is only 280 grams, makes this helmet easy and pleasant to users of all ages and sizes. 

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