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Umarex Glock 19X Airgun 4.5mm CO2, Tan

GLOCK describes the G19X as its first “crossover pistol”. It combines the full-sized frame of the G17 with the compact slide of the G19. The special color, Coyote, sets this pistol apart from other models. This licensed CO2-powered airgun version from Umarex is an authentic replica with the exact dimensions and markings of the original. It fires 4.5-mm steel BBs with a maximum of 2 joules, and the blowback gives you a powerful recoil. The all-in-one magazine accommodates the cartridge plus 18 steel BBs.

Umarex Glock 19X Airgun 4.5mm CO2, Tan
Magazine18 rd
Length 190 mm
Weight 660 g
Velocity 105 m/s

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