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Product code: EGC-PCC-045-BNB

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G&G PCC 45 (Mosfet) AEG, Black

G&G does it again! The PCC45 the next installment into the SMG class. However you won't be disappointed in the performance of the compact beast! The reinforce polymer receiver keeps the overall weight down, while still being very durable. The CNC Hard Anodized Aluminum Hand Guard features milspec M-LOK rail sections to mount any accessories you desire. The folding stock allows you to keep this package very compact for use in vehicles and storage. This also helps in CQB environments. The AR Style controls give the use a familiar and comfortable platform without having to learn a new system.

The battery space is stored in the hand guard, but do not worry! G&G thought about you and provided a generous battery space for you to fit a plethora of different batteries.
In addition to all these great features, G&G has an installed pre-programmed MOSFET chip that is able to stop batteries such as a Li-Po from over discharging and becoming damaged. The MOSFET is also programmable to shoot from full auto to 3-round burst. G&G has also installed an electronic trigger unit that increases response and assists in preventing trigger burns or locks in rapid semi-auto firing.

G&G PCC 45 (Mosfet) AEG, Black
Magazine110 rd
Length500-735 mm
Weight2550 g
Velocity (0,20g)133 m/s

Price: 349,90

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