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Product code: 804034

Bioval Bio BB 0.23G 4400 pcs

Bioval has been the forerunner and trendsetter of bio BBs in terms of homogeneity, dimensional accuracy and surface coating for over 20 years. Bioval was the first manufacturer to bring high-quality bio BBs to airsofters and has been in this prestigious position ever since.

Bioval BBs are manufactured according to the highest standards with modern methods. The BBs are highly dimensional, with their trajectory and also the air pressure leakage is small in the barrel which helps to achieve the maximum velocity. The surface of the BBs are polished and treated but not made too slippery, which would be a problem for the operation of the hop up. Bioval bio BBs are real bio BBs and are evidenced by U.S. Department of Natural Resources certificate. Bioval's bio BBs are the only BBs in the world that have achieved this certification.

Bioval bio BB's have been ranked among the best in a number of tests around the world and are often used as a reference in various gun and equipment reviews.

The BBs are packed in a light-protected bag that can be opened and closed again.

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