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ASG Socom Mk23 With Silencer

The biggest and most impressive of the spring pistols - the DL60 Socom includes a barrel extension tube which looks like a silencer. the pistol has a weaver/picatinny rail for accessories. This heavyweight pistol has fixed Hop-up and the magazine holds up to 27 BB’s.

Note! The velocity of the gun has been measured by using 0.12g bb. Depending on the properties of the pistols and pre-set hop-ups, you may need to test which weight bb works the best for your gun. For the most powerful pistols you may want to go with more heavier bb’s, such as 0,20g or even 0,25g in order to make the trajectory more stable. 0.12g bb’s may get too much hop-up in this case and fly very quickly in upwards. The benefit of having 0.12g bb is to gain the maximum velocity but the accuracy will not be so great.

ASG Socom Mk23 With Silencer
Magazine27 rd
Length210 mm
Weight650 g
Velocity 95 m/s

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