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Marui VSR-10 G-Spec OD


When Tokyo Marui started manufacturing AEGs, there was only one rational choice of sniper rifle in the market, Maruzen's APS-2 series. This weapon dominated the fields as long as Marui released their own rifle, VSR-10. Although the weapon had a weaker power without the tuning, the new features of the gun, such as easy-to-adjust and functional hop-up, made it towards the top really fast. 


The VSR-10 modeled after the Remmington M700 series gun. The VSR-10 stock is made of high quality plastic, the lock, upper receiver and the barrel are made of metal. Other essential parts, such as the trigger and the charging handle, are also made of metal. The sight rail can be purchased separately, as well as the sling attachments.


There is a separate  point for the bipod underneath the stock. You can attach the bipod 17424 or 605224 directly to the gun without an adapter or a separate mounting rail. The bipods ease the aiming a lot and make the shooting experiment much nicer. 


The VSR-10 G-spec offers compared to the regular VSR's, attachment rail and sling mounts as standart. The brass inner barrel is slightly shorter than the ordinary VSR rifle, but this is explained by the fact that it is possible to screw the silencer into the barrel, which is included to this package. Also, the barrel itself is thicker than the ordinary VSR and blends well with the suppressor.


Although the VSR-10 rifles have a lower velocity on paper than competing products, the weapon will take back in accurancy and distance. We strongly recommend a minimum of 0.25g high quality bb's for Marui VSR-10 rifles. This will ensure that the rifle will actually deliver what it promisses. 


There are lots of tuning and attachments available to the VSR, so you can easily modify the rifle if the standard version is not enough for you.

Marui VSR-10 G-Spec OD
Magazine30 rd
Length950/1135 mm
Weight2090 g
Velocity (0,20g)98 m/s

Price: 285,00

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