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Product code: L96OD

Bundle contains:

Marui Magazine L96AWS. Value 29,00

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Marui L96AWS OD


The Marui L96 rifle is a very well-constructed and secure weapon. Even lifting up the gun gives you a image of a high quality and emphasizes the softness and digestibility of gun loading and trigger feeling. The stock is made of a strong polymer and the surface of which is perfectly finished. There is no wobble in the frame and the metal barrel is attached to the stock like in the real gun. The barrel is ready for the thread suppressor adapter and under the stock has an anchor point for the bipod.


The stock features a adjustable cheeck rest and a rubber rear pad for comfort and improved grip. On the frame there is a rail for optics. The charging handle and the lock are wel in reach of fingers and easy to use. Just like in other L96 copies, Maruis gun has a magzine at the same point as in the real gun and the magazine is also the right size.


There is a separate anchorage point for the bipod underneath the stock. You can attach the bipod 17424 or 605224 directly to the gun without an adapter or a separate mounting rail. The bipods ease the aiming a lot and make the shooting experiment much nicer. 



Great choice for precision rifles with a great variety of tuning parts.

Marui L96AWS OD
Magazine40 rd
Length1150 mm
Weight3280 g
Velocity (0,20g)97 m/s

Price: 299,00

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