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PEQ-15 Laser & Led Tan


PEQ-15 unit, which has a laser sight and LED light. The function of the light and laser can be operated via selector switch. On/off switch works on top of the unit or remotely with a cord and pressure switch. Both of these switches are sealed tightly inside a rubbery casing. You can adjust the laser with both vertically and horizontally. 


Laser and light are coverred with lenses which you can detach if necesary. You can attach the PEQ-unit into guns accessory rails or mount. Package also contains realistic stickers (not shown in the product picture). The unit is operated with one CR123 battery. Batteries are not included in the pakage. 


The size of the unit is 120 x 65 x 40mm and weight 15g.

Price: 67,90

Quantity: Pcs

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