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Marui CQBR Block1 GBB


Here it is! Marui's long-awaited, rumored and speculated gas-powered blowback M4 rifle. Marui announced in 2014 that the company will release their own version of the M4A1 rifle in gas blowback. However, it took went 2 years before Marui got their product out and thus kept their customers waiting on their toes. Marui is known as the pioneer in airsoft-related products and innovations, so you would think this rifle is good? WELL IN NUTSHELL: IT IS!


What then makes Marui's rifle so special to other manufacturers? Marui used many years to create the base of this rifle and many more to test it. The new ZET system has been designed to be different than other manufacturers system. Marui promises that the ZET-system would significantly increase the durability of the weapon. For example, Marui tested the bolt catch over 10,000 times just to see that it can handle it. The slide that the bolt catches works flawlesly with, is also different from other manufacturers design. Marui has taken every weakness away from their slide-design. 


The weapon is bit shorter than M4A1 rifle, CQBR-size to be precise and it has nice weight on it.  Like Marui's Next-Gen electric weapons, the gun is completely metal, except the stock and pistol grip, just like in the real gun. Marui's M4 has a ceracote-surface. 


The Maruin M4A1 MWS comes complete with the RIS hand guard, where tactical accessories can be easily attached. The magazines are the same size and weight as the real M4, which makes the Marui MWS an ideal training tool for tactical and competitive shooters. The recoil is roughly the same, maybe bit harder, than a .22 rifles have. 


Marui M4A1 MWS, big brother of this gun, also won the 2016 Popular Airsoft Players Choice poll as the best gas blowk back rifle. 


You can find the spare magazines for this rifle with the code: NEG16M.

Marui CQBR Block1 GBB
Magazine35 rd
Length700 - 785 mm
Weight4516 g
Velocity (0,20g)108 m/s

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