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This is most likely the most familiar modern machine pistol developed for personal protection. Created for South American special needs, Kurz is an iconic smg featured in countless movies, series and games.

The gas operated and handy gun produce a loud noice which is followed by a smile at your face while gun empties the magazine at the great rate of fire. Excellent adjustable sights and sturdy front handle make the gun easy to control, aim and shoot. Due to its small size, it is well suited as a back-up weapon, and especially in close contact, it is likely to create wanted panic in the opponents.

Sling mount, magazine release button and fire selectors are suitable for right and left handed players so this is easy for everyone to use.

Magazine32 rd
Length300 mm
Weight1390 g
Velocity (0,20g)90 m/s

Price: 149,90

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