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Army Armament 1911 R32 GBB Black

ARMY ARMAMENT 1911 Nightstorm is modernized version of legendary 1911A1. The aim of ARMY was to launch a product for customers who are looking for a pistol with reliable combat characteristics, long range but also a beautiful appearance with made of precision finish and durability of construction.


  • Full Metal Construction - reinforced slide and frame of the pistol and can take a CO2 magazine
  • Realistic Blowback System - offers the most realistic action from GGB replicas available on the market
  • Extended Magazine - 30 rounds capacity magazine with a base pad for fast and smooth reload
  • Extended Magazine Release - for quick magazine changes without changing your grip
  • Fiber Optic Sights - for fast and certain sight alignment to accelerate aiming
  • Ambi Thumb Safety - allows locking the trigger with left or right hand
  • Low Profile Magwell - for fast reloads
  • Aggressive Texture Pistol Grips with Finger Groove Insert - for better handling and control of the weapon while shooting in all conditions
  • Integral Frame Rail - to mount a flashlight in low light situations
  • Thread Adapter - to mount a silencer or tracer with a 14mm CCW thread
  • Laser-Engraved Individual Serial Number
  • Reinforced cold-resistant polymer nozzle - a new design nozzle provides a better seal which translates into a stable shot force and increased mechanical resistance to damage. It's so durable that it can easily cooperate with CO2 magazines.
  • Resistant to wear and resistant to cold sealed rubber - it is made of a silicone compound, which ensures tightness even at low temperatures.
  • Sealed new generation magazine valves - significantly improved magazine loading comfort, reduce gas consumption and ensure tightness and smooth operation of the entire replica.

As full metal slide and frame, all internal parts are made of metal too so that the replica is very durable and fun to shoot.

Army Armament 1911 R32 GBB Black
Magazine30 rd
Length230 mm
Weight1050 g
Velocity (0,20g)95 m/s

Price: 189,90

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