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ASG Ingram M11 CO2 NBB

Powerful semiautomatic CO2 gun of the legendary Ingram M11 smg. The gun has a metal telescopic stock that can be locked into the operating position or on top the gun if it is not in use. The safety is located at the fingertips and is operatable with out removing the grip from the gun.

The weapon is semi-automatic so it does not have to be loaded before each shot. The trigger travel is long and heavy , so there is no risk of accidental shots. Magazine is made out of plastic in order to save some weight on the gun. The magazine is made out of quality polymer so it can wtihstand lot of abuse.

An efficient and compact size CO2 gun, which is also suitable as a spare weapon instead of a pistol.

ASG Ingram M11 CO2 NBB
Magazine26 rd
Length255 mm
Weight531 g
Velocity (0,20g)122 m/s

Price: 99,90

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