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Product code: WSMA95-BK

Diablo Metal Mesh Half Mask Black


Half mesh mask which is snuggly and comfortable to wear and use. This mask can be adjusted with two straps (upper and lower) as well it comes with attachment pieces so you can fasten it directly to your FAST-helmets. 


The frame of the mask is made out of very durable composite plastic and the holes meant for breathing are coverred with strong steel mesh. The structure of the mask allows the user to aim with a gun that has a stock as well. This applies all sort of sights, optics and iron sights. 



The half masks are specially designed to be used with tactical goggles. Combined with glasses the mask is light and breathable. This prevents the fogging of the goggles and sweat gathering inside the mask. Even though the mesh part is strong steel mesh, this won't cause any problems the air condition. 


Recommended products to be used with this mask are Diablo FAST helmet and XT1000 goggles. This combination covers majority of your head and face.  

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