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Cybergun AK47 4,5mm CO2


Kalashnikov semi-auto air rifle CO2 in caliber 4,5mm.


Build in a factory that normally builds live AK's, imported and marketed in the EU by Cybergun.

It is hard tell a difference to the original in look, material and handling. Also it fits original AK47 magazines. Through that not only suitable to shoot 4,5mm steel balls - it is also perfect for movie, foto or decoration reasons.

Sold with official Kalashnikov licence.


The gun is made of steel, and the wooden parts are real wood. It has many original gun parts mounted, e.g. the receiver is an original live AK receiver.


Spare magazine is available: 128800


Note! 4.5mm air guns are not suitable for Airsoft. They are only meant for precision shooting. 

Cybergun AK47 4,5mm CO2
Magazine19 rd
Length900 mm
Weight3005 g
Velocity 115 m/s

Price: 399,00

Quantity: Pcs
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