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Full-size squad support weapon

ICS has always implemented precise and innovative designs into their guns and this Electric ICS L86A2 Rifle Airsoft Gun is the perfect example of that! The ICS L86 is a full steel-bodied Airsoft gun and is just as durable as the real thing.

A revolutionary feature of this model is the adjustable spring guide rod, which allows you to adjust the spring tension and muzzle velocity of the gun, with about 50FPS (depending of the spring). The rifle disassembles just like the real thing allowing easy access to the internals. The trigger is designed to feel like the real weapon, and is located outside the gearbox for easy maintenance.

  • Stamped steel upper and lower receiver
  • Detachable folding bipod
  • Rear support grip
  • Fold-out shoulder brace
  • Easy disassembly
  • Adjustable muzzle velocity
  • Simulated two-stage trigger
  • Easy adjustable hop-up
  • Uses M4 magazines
  • Removable carry handle
  • Wired to the front, battery in handguard
  • 450rd. metal high-cap magazine

This gun does not come with a battery or charger, so take advantage of the offers shown on the left when purchasing this weapon.

Magazine450 rd
Length913 mm
Weight4411 g
Velocity (0,20g)143 m/s
Battery (not included)Crane (9.6V)

Price: 699,90

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