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Classic Army DT-4 Double Barrel AEG (Mosfet)

When a single AR15 wasn’t enough, the Classic Army brand and their latest creation ... a double AR15, came to the rescue! The unique design of the replica ensures the comfort of using a classic M4 carbine while doubling the firepower.

The use of a special gearbox enables simultaneous shooting from both barrels, and the correct operation of the replica is ensured by the advanced electronic system of the ECS. The replica is made entirely of metal, including elements such as the muzzle device or the ejector cover are made of steel. The contoured pistol grip and the telescopic stock are made of a polymer material.

Features of the replica:

- a special gearbox that allows simultaneous fire from both barrels

- two barrels and two separate hop-up chambers that can be adjusted independently

- Electronic Control System (ECS), enabling 3/5 shot series mode

- aluminum handguard in the M-LOK system

- double magazine well

- single magazine release

- double-sided fire mode selector

- functional bolt-catch

- a set of mechanical flip-up sights

- two-sided loop for mounting the tactical sling

The set includes 2 polymer hi-cap magazines with a capacity of 300 BB’s each.

Classic Army DT-4 Double Barrel AEG (Mosfet)
Magazine300 rd
Length720-800 mm
Weight3380 g
Velocity (0,20g)117 m/s

Price: 599,90

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