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Product code: EGC-ARP-9MM-ANB

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G&G ARP 9 AEG Grey

ARP 9 is G&G's newest lineup in the Pistol Caliber Caribine series. Besides it's unique desing on the magazine, there are big major improvements inside the gear box. The frame is made out of durable polymer plastic.

The ARP 9 is a compact CQB style gaming platform made of metal and polymer. The gun also has a metallic CNC machined M-LOK front end, flash suppressor, barrel and flip-up sights. The handguards M-LOK system allows the attachment of the accessory freely, so it is easy to position the vertical handle, laser or sights as you please.

The pistol grip is ergonomically designed and the gun is equipped with a PDW styled telescopic stock, which has the battery compartment inside of it as well. There are standard -14mm threads under the flash suppressor for your silencer needs.

The weapon has an electronic 3 shot burst / full auto function (ETU) that is programmed by putting the gun into semi-auto mode and keeping the trigger down for roughly 10 seconds. Programming can therefore be done at any time! In addition, ETU supervises that the gun will also do a full cycle, meaning the gun won't jam when firing semi-auto. The weapon has also a MOSFET, an electronic switch which reduces the trigger delay and improves the rate of fire significantly. MOSFET also helps to preserve the electronics of your gun.

The weapon represents G&G's prestigious precision of work, with studry gearbox and piston system that ensures good firing rate and stable operation. G&G recommends two part 7.4V LiPO batteries for reliable use of this gun.

This gun does not come with a battery or charger, so take advantage of the offers shown on the left when purchasing this weapon.

G&G ARP 9 AEG Grey
Magazine300 rd
Length500-590 mm
Weight2350 g
Velocity (0,20g)122 m/s
Battery (not included)Lipo (7.4V)

Price: 299.90

Quantity: Pcs

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