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Cybergun Famas EVO

Famas EVO is a newer version of the French Army Famas F1 assault rifle. Like a real gun, Cyberun's Famas EVO is a fiber-reinforced plastic body which is light and comfortable to handle.

The Famas F1 EVO utilizes bullpup technology. This means that the magazine is located behind the trigger which allows the gun to be fitted as long a barrel as possible to improve precision with out making the weapon too long. Below the handguard there is a mounting rail for the vertical handle supplied with this weapon. There are integrated bipods on the sides of the receiver and there are standard -14mm threads under the flash suppressor for your silencer needs.

The safety is directly in front of the trigger to prevent accidental trigger pulls and the fire selectorl is located in the rear of the gun. Sights are well protected inside the carrying handle and are adjustable. It is easy to transport the gun from the big carrying handle.

The weapon has an electronic burst / full auto function (ECU) that is programmable. Programming can therefore be done at any time! In addition, ECU supervises that the gun will also do a full cycle, meaning the gun won't jam when firing semi-auto. The weapon has also a MOSFET, an electronic switch which reduces the trigger delay and improves the rate of fire significantly. MOSFET also helps to preserve the electronics of your gun.

Velocity of the gun is really easy to adjust between CQB and forest game ranges. The power adjustment is done with hex key from the hole in the back plate of the gun. The velocity of the rifle can be adjusted between about 100-120m / s (1-1.4J). The tool is delivered with the gun.

The gun comes with a battery, a charger and a vertical handle.

Note. The gun has an adjustable velocity of 100-120 m / s.

Cybergun Famas EVO
Magazine300 rd
Length775 mm
Weight4100 g
Velocity (0,20g)100 - 120 m/s

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