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Marui G34 GBB


Marui's NEW G34 GBB meets the expectations of a high-quality weapon that is both exquisitely authentic and with Marui's quality of operation and reliability. The machined markings on the frame are of the highest quality and are exactly the same as in the real weapon. Along with the small details and materials, the gun has been finished very nicely.


The weapon is longer than regular G17, so called sports glock. There are not other major external changes.  Thus, it also uses Marui G17 magazines + other accessories, although there is a new G22 magazine available there which also works with older Marui Glocks. Marui has also improved the slide by adding metal reinforcements there to prevent damage to the slide. The trigger mechanism and trigger pull have also been renewed. An outer barrel shell has been added with extra support, which is designed to prevent the twisting of the barrel, thereby preventing the weapon jamming and keeping the gun in working better.


The patented trigger safety prevents accidental firing of the weapon. You can only fire the gun when your finger is actully on the trigger and pulling it. Blow Back is Marui's new style of Hard Kick version, which is really a grispy. The accuracy and the scale how the gun actually looks is on their own category.


In the tests, the trajectory of the bb's has proven to be exceptionally straight and the adjustable Hop Up allows the gun to be adjusted even more to optimize different weights and quality of the bb's. In hand, the gun feels solid and ridgit enough to create an atmosphere of the realistic weapon. You can also take down the gun like the real one.


This gun is an idea base for anyone who is shooting Standard or Open Division


NOTE! All ordinary gas guns work poorly in the cold. Therefore, the gas guns can not be used in cold winter conditions. Action Air, SRA and IDPA shooters: Make sure this gun fits to your holster properly!


Although the Marui Gas Guns look poor in the light of numbers when it comes to velocity, the practical performance is quite unique in their class. Accuracy and range are world-renowned, and Marui is therefore the most popular brand among the pro shooters and sports shooters. The quality and good design of parts is also reflected in the fact that the Marui's weapons that have been in use for more than 10 years are still working like day one. 

Marui G34 GBB
Magazine25 rd
Length222 mm
Weight710 g
Velocity (0,20g)98 m/s

Price: 189,00

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