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Marui Socom Mk23 NBB


The Socom Mk23 is a really large frame gun that was ordered for the use of special forces. Unlike pistols in general, this was designed as an assault weapon to replace a smg. The road to the eye-catching weapon was also quickly brought to the movie and games industry.


The Marui SOCOM Mk23 is a legendary pistol with unmatched range, precision and silencer with the actual working dampener, an unbeatable combination. From one year to the other, it has been the favorite sidearm of the snipers which is understandable: Only the best will do!


The Marui Socom Mk23 is perfectly crafted to the smallest detail and externally, fully in line with its design compared to it's real life counterpart. The machined markings on the frame are of the highest quality and are exactly the same as in the real weapon. Mk23 is an absolute elite for its functionality and reliability.


The frame and the slide are sturdy and very good-looking impact-resistant ABS plastic. The grip is roughened and serrated to give the shooter a better grip. The magazine release and the safety are suitable for both right and left hand. The trigger is double action but the gun is also loadable from pulling the slide (single action), so the trigger pull of the gun is one of the best in airsoft pistols. Otherwise, the slide does not move, which saves the gas.


The SOCOM suppressor supplied with the gun is completely metal and, while in place, makes the gun almost silent. The LAM unit with the lamp and the red LED that simulates the laser will be attached to the front of the chassis.


The Maruin Socom Mk23 is delivered in a stylish padded briefcase with embedded guns and accessories. The case has a handle where a lock can be fitted to prevent unauthorized use of the weapon.


NOTE! All ordinary gas guns work poorly in the cold. Therefore, the gas guns can not be used in cold winter conditions.


Although the Marui Gas Guns look poor in the light of numbers when it comes to velocity, the practical performance is quite unique in their class. Accuracy and range are world-renowned, and Marui is therefore the most popular brand among the pro shooters and sports shooters. The quality and good design of parts is also reflected in the fact that the Marui's weapons that have been in use for more than 10 years are still working like day one. 

Marui Socom Mk23 NBB
Magazine28 rd
Length210 / 412 mm
Weight1000 g
Velocity (0,20g)103 m/s

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