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Marui FN 5-7 GBB


The FN 5-7 (Five-seveN) gun is designed to be as a P90 companion. Both of the weapons use the same catridge, which has very good penetration and accuracy. The gun is used by many authorities, especially U.S. Secret Service.


The slide has been serrated from the rear to allow the gun to be loaded without the risk of slipping your fingers. Metal sights are equipped with white points that facilitate and speed up the aiming of the gun. Below the frame there is a rail for accessories such as lamps and lasers. The movement of the slide is very smooth with a very nice sound included.


The trigger is single action and underneath the slide is an adjustable Hop Up. The lower body is made of roughened, matte-resistant polymer. The grip of the gun is lightly stippled and the trigger guard is enlarged so handling the gun while wearing gloves is easier. The safety is on both sides of the frame and the magazine release can be switched for both sides. You can field strip the gun just like the real one too. 


NOTE! All ordinary gas guns work poorly in the cold. Therefore, the gas guns can not be used in cold winter conditions. 


Although the Marui Gas Guns look poor in the light of numbers when it comes to velocity, the practical performance is quite unique in their class. Accuracy and range are world-renowned, and Marui is therefore the most popular brand among the pro shooters and sports shooters. The quality and good design of parts is also reflected in the fact that the Marui's weapons that have been in use for more than 10 years are still working like day one. 

Marui FN 5-7 GBB
Magazine26 rd
Length208 mm
Weight744 g
Velocity (0,20g)97 m/s

Price: 185,00

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