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Cybergun FNX-45 GBB Black


The FNX-45 is the next and most advanced step in the US Army pistol program and the FNP-45  is offering the latest technology and solutions. The lower frame is a roughened matte-resistant polymer and a metal slide continues this same surface structure. The slide is serrated from both the back and the front to allow more handling of gun handling without the risk of slipping while loading. Metallic sights are equipped with white points and are extremely high, which facilitate and accelerate the aiming of the weapon, specially while equipped with a silencer. 


The pistol grip is heavily textured so while gloves are in hand, it is easy and safe to handle the pistol. The grips rear plate is interchangeable and there is an extra backplate on the box to make the handle fit in both smaller and bigger hands quickly and effortlessly. The safety is on either side of the lower frame and the magazine release can be used with both hands, also facilitating the easier life of the left-handed shooters.


Below the frame there is a rail for accessories such as lamps and lasers. The business end of the barrel is provided with threads for attaching a silencer. On top of the slide there is a removable plate. Under the removable plate, is placed red dot sight specially designed for this gun. With this red dot the gun size and usability remain really good. 


Cyberguns license for genuine engraved FN logos and markings on the weapon body and slide completes the pistol. The movement of the slide is very smooth. The sound of the blowback is out of this world. The trigger is double action and under the slide is an adjustable Hop Up. You can even field strip the gun just like the real firearm. The good technical finish of the gun together with the hefty weight makes this weapon a very realistic gun.


The gun barrel has a -14mm thread for a silencer, so you can attach any suppressor to the gun.

Cybergun FNX-45 GBB Black
Magazine25 rd
Length200 mm
Weight950 g
Velocity (0,20g)105 m/s

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