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Umarex P.08 CO2 fullmetal


Legendary Parabellum P.08, Luger has seen light for the first time over 100 years ago. This pistol has come to know especially from movies about the Second World War and is still a pistol that is wanted among collectors and shooters.


Umarex Luger is a very realistic pistol. The whole structure is made of metal and the low ammount of moving parts make the gun feel very solid and handy. The CO2 capsule is placed under the handle plate of the grip and the safety is operated easily with a thumb.


A pistol for someone who is in search of a classic and who does not want tactical rails or unnecessary equipment in the gun.


Note! The gun is very powerfull, shooting 140m/s.

Umarex P.08 CO2 fullmetal
Magazine15 rd
Length216 mm
Weight818 g
Velocity (0,20g)137 m/s

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