AGM MP-40 Bakelite

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Legendary Maschinenpistole 40, MP40. The weapon has come to known especially from movies about the Second World War, and it is really a desired submachine gun among collectors and shooters.

The AGM's MP40 is an excellent gun. The whole structure is metal except for the polymeric handle and receivers outer shell, as in the real gun. With a folding stock folded the weapon is a compact smg, but while open folded offers also has stable stance for aiming. The robust weight of almost three kilos and the metallic essence create an excellent feeling.

This is smg for classics who does not want tactical rails or unnecessary equipment to their gun.

Note. There is a separate switch for the battery under the pistol grip. If the gun does not shoot, check the position of the switch.

Magazine 50 rd
Length 650-850 mm
Weight 2820 g
Velocity (0,20g) 115 m/s
Battery Mini (8.4V)