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Cybergun Desert Eagle CO2 blowback


The Cybergun Desert Eagle Blowback pistol is a replica from world-renowned 2kg heavy steel beast. Cybergun's slide is made of metal and the lower body of high quality plastic, and thus the weapon is slightly lighter than the original 1984 IMI version. Although when taking this gun at your hands, this little thing is forgotten very quickly.


NOTE! This weapong has quite heavy recoil and due on that it's perhaps suitable for small handed shooters. 


The heavy slide produces hefty blowback that only emphasizes the size and the image of the gun. There is an adjustable Hop Up that can be used without removing the slide, as opposed to many other gas guns.


Desert Eagle has become acquainted with several films including The Matrix, Commando and Resident Evil. This iconic weapon is also modeled for games: Counter Strike, Resident Evil, and classic game Tomb Raider.


Note! This gun also shoots full-auto!

Cybergun Desert Eagle CO2 blowback
Magazine21 rd
Length270 mm
Weight1123 g
Velocity (0,20g)115 m/s

Price: 165,00

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