AAP-01 Full Auto Gas Pistol, Tan

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AAP-01 is a gas-powered pistol replica made of durable polymer reinforced with glass fiber. Metal parts include the slide, external barrel, magazine and small details. The slide lock was made of steel. The implementation of polymer in the production makes AAP-01 weigh mere 380g without a magazine, which makes it one of the lightest pistol on the market.

A big advantage of this construction is its compatibility with magazines intended for Glock pistol replicas. Barrel is equipped with a standard 14 mm negative thread, which allows it to make use of the wide offer of airsoft silencers and compensators. You can put rails on and under barrel for the red dot, laser, torch or anything fun and tactical you might need.

AAP-01 is a replica where the most reliable pistol, Ruger 22/45 is mixed with most reliable magazine, G17-type magazine. What’s more, it is light, handy and provides a lot of fun when firing.

Magazine 23 rd
Length 230 mm
Weight 660 g
Velocity 100 m/s