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Product code: EG67

Enola Gaye EG67 Grenade


Enola Gaye Grenade is the final touch to your equipment. Now you can actually strom the house or swarm the trenches by first stunning your opponents with your Enola Gaye grenade. This grenade contains clay pellets that fly all over the place due the explosion of the grenade. Accompanied by the lound bang makes your opponent very easy target. 


The new EG67 by Enola Gaye is next step of the common BB grenade. The biggest improved besides the look of the grenade is the ignition. The old version you had to light up like a match from a matchbook but this new version works with a pull-ignition, just like the smoke grenades. When you pull the ignition ring, you have roughly 5 seconds to throw the grenade before it explodes with loud bang and throwing clay pellets all over. 


Due the LOUD BANG, anyone present at the time should be aware of the possible loud noise! We recommend covering your ears or wearing ear protectors just to be sure. Also make sure that the grenade won't cause a possible fire or any other danger. The clay pellets cause no more harm than normal BBs.


This product is 95% environmentally friendly. The shell of the grenade and the pellets are made out of compressed papermass which decompose fully. Only parts that do not decompose are the metallic ignition ring and the plastic cap covering it. 




Enola grenades can be only used in a specific Airsoft or Paintball event. The user(s) must have permission from the owner of the land to use the grenades. Under any circumstances these grenades must NOT be used in a public events or in a close proximity of a public event. 

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