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Product code: EG018G

Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Grenade Green


This is what Airsoft scene has been waiting! Finally properly working and affortable smoke grenades. Now we can proudly offer you the best product for the job in a very affortable price. No more dreaming or watching just Youtube videos of nicely working smoke grenades when you can be part of the action!


New Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Grenade is the civilian adaptation of the M18 grenade used by MIL/LE. The newest version has a wire-pull detonator which is easy and safe to operate. There are 6 different colors available of the EG18 grenade and depending on the the color the grenade produces from 80 to 120 seconds of very thick and colorfilled smoke screen. Thanks to this smoke screen there are new options available for the player in the field: To stay hidden or disturb your opponent, operate signals or even mark a place. 


Besides Airsoft and Paintball players, Enola Gaye products are widely been used by professional photographers and film makers. The products give a nice touch but as well safe operation to action scenes, photos and different kind of simulation. Also it is known that MIL and LE personel tend to use these for their practises. 


Using this smoke grenade is very simple. Under the plastic cap you find a pull-ring. Aim the smoke grenade away from you and pull the ring, this will ignite the grenade. Drop the smoke grenade to the ground (non flammable surface if possible) and back up roughly 5 meters. The product will procude imideatly roughly 80 to 120 seconds of smoke. The grenade won't warm up significally but it's not recommended to hold in your hands neither to put on the ground where there is a risk of highly flammable surface. Make sure that the smoke grenade does not cause harm to anyone near to the grenade. 


EG18 smoke grenades are bigger in size than regular or burst grenades. This is because there is more smoke creating mass, roughly 90 to 100 grams in one grenade. 


This version of the grenade produces smoke roughly 100 seconds. 




Smoke grenades can be only used in a specific Airsoft or Paintball event. The user(s) must have permission from the owner of the land to use the grenades. Under any circumstances these grenades must NOT be used in a public events or in a close proximity of a public event. 


This product is CE approved!


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