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Product code: G-07-127P

Bundle contains:

3 x G&G Bio BB 0.28g 3600 pcs. Value 29,90

3x G&G BIO BB 0,28g 3600pcs


The G&G brand new bio BBs have been manufactured using the same high quality methods as normal plastic BBs. With this method, the surface of the BBs is extremely slippery, which increases the velocity and the BBs are completely round and homogeneous. In addition, the raw material used in the balls is a tough mass, so there is no cracking or surface breaking what is common in the bio BBs. Thanks to these features, G&G bio BBs are at the moment the absolute best in the market and are also excellent choice for very powerful weapons.

G&G plastic BB's and bio BB's have been ranked among the best in a number of tests around the world and are often used as a reference in various gun and equipment reviews.

G&G bio BB's are more environmentally friendly than many of the so called bio BB's, because G&G bio BBs decompose 100% to the wildlife without any harmful degradation residues. The BBs are packed in a light-protected bag that can be opened and closed again.


3x G&G BIO BB 0,28g 3600pcs


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