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The Ares SOC SLR is a semi-automatic, electric sniper rifle. This is a modern bullpup type rifle witch allows the use of a very long barrel while maintaining the compact length of the gun.

SOC SLR is made in metal with CNC machined body and barrel and it is noticeable in the weight of the gun, 6.3 kg.

Inside the gun is the proven Ares EFCS system with reinforced gearbox, EFCS, mosfet and microswitch. Steel gears and a piston with 15 steel teeth contribute to durability.

The spring can be easily replaced thanks to the QD system. Replacing the battery is also easy as the entire top cover of the rifle can be opened by loosening one screw without any tools. Under the cover are holders for the LiPo battery (max. 120x19x17 mm) and a box with AAA batteries that power the laser.

The controls - charging lever and fire selector/safety - are ambidextrous. When the lever is pulled, the dust cover on the right side of the stock is hinged, through which the hop-up chamber is accessed.

The integrated laser is protected by a removable plastic cover. The laser intensity is controlled using a 3-position switch located near the trigger.

In addition to the folding side bipod, whose legs can be moved longitudinally by means of rails, the SOC also has a monopod integrated in the grip. The bipod and monopod can be finely adjusted in height. The weapon also has an adjustable cheekpiece and a rubberized buttstock.

Magazine 40 rd
Length 990 mm
Weight 6280 g
Velocity (0,20g) 95 m/s