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Product code: BL21707

Ballistol Gun Oil Spray 200ml

Ballistol - oil for the care of metal, plastic and wood. It is applicable, among others:

  • for removing lead, copper and tombac from barrels and cartridge chambers in small arms for sealing and protecting wooden stocks
  • for cleaning, softening and impregnating holsters, straps and belts
  • for neutralizing and removing acidic gunpowder residues
  • at home, in the garden and in the car...

In an emulsion with water, Ballistol exhibits a slight alkalinity (pH 8-8.5) and thus can neutralize acids. Unlike other products of this type from leading brands , Ballistol forms a water emulsion, mixes with water and penetrates through it. After the water evaporates, it stays in place and preserves. It does not become resinous.

This oil shows less susceptibility to aging and loss of effectiveness compared to other commercially available technical oils that harden over time. All this thanks to a specially developed formula, which is the perfect combination of antioxidants and healing oils.

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