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ASG Schofield 6" 4,5mm CO2 Revolver, Rifled, Silver

This 1:1 replica of the legendary revolver is the same ASG classic but now with a statement-making silver skin, and a new, half-length rifled barrel for improved power and accuracy.

The full-metal body Schofield appeals to those wanting single-shot accuracy and power on the shooting range, or discerning gun collectors alike. With its unmistakable appearance, it conveys authority like only a hand-cannon of the Wild West can.

This symbol of justice revolver also features an ivory-textured grip that serves as the perfect counterpoint to its classic silver body, while the half-length rifled barrel gives better power and accuracy, so every shot counts.

The Schofield Revolver airgun is powered by CO2 and is a premium-quality, like-for-like replica of the celebrated real steel gun from the golden era of the American frontier.

It takes dummy cartridges, for added authenticity, each holding a single pellet which are loaded into it top-break style. The Schofield revolver functions just like the real thing – including the ejector that quickly releases the spent cases for faster reload when there’s multiple targets.

All this combines to create a satisfyingly authentic firing experience on the range, during historical reenactments or as a showpiece replica that will immediately elevate anyone’s gun collection.

Can shoot both pellets and steel BBs, depending on the cartridges used. Pellet cartridges (ref.18962) BB cartridges (ref.18963)


Half-length rifled barrel
Top-break loading
Full-metal body
Ivory-textured grip
Pellet cartridges included (Pellet use recommended to prolong life of internal components)

Real steel history:

The Schofield was a modified Smith & Wesson Model 3, suggested by Major George Schofield, to make it easier for a cavalryman to reload while riding.

A cavalryman could reload a Schofield in less than 30 seconds. Due to its reduced power and recoil compared to the Colt .45, it was easier to shoot accurately, yet still retained effective stopping power on the battlefield.

It was quite a popular handgun and many legends of the Old West, like General Custer, Jesse James and Wyatt Earp reportedly used a Schofield revolver.

ASG Schofield 6" 4,5mm CO2 Revolver, Rifled, Silver
Magazine6 rd
Length320 mm
Weight1085 g
Velocity135 m/s

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