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Product code: CH005

Classic Army M249 SAW AEG

Classic Army M249 is a carefully and very well-made replica of a Belgian light machine gun adopted by many armies and special units around the world. The SAW version with a 20-inch barrel and fixed stock is intended for use on the front lines as a key fire support for the team. The whole structure is made of metal, with a receiver (frame, bipod, carry handle) made of steel, thanks to which the replica, like the original, weighs over 6 kg. The replica also features a top-cover Picatinny mount rail for optics integrated with a flip-up feed tray cover and a foldable 3-position bipod integrated with the handguard.

Mechanism of reinforced metal gearbox with quick spring change system, with a ball-bearing spring guide, a piston with full steel teeth and steel gears mounted on 9mm ball bearings.

In the set, the LMG is sold with a STANAG type magazine (300rd Hi-Cap).

Classic Army M249 SAW AEG
Magazine300 rd
Length1050 mm
Weight6300 g
Velocity (0,20g)122 m/s
Battery (not included)Mini (9.6V)

Price: 479,90

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