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Classic Army M132 Microgun

Firepower is overpower and finally there is a affortable weapon that can sweep the battlefield clean while trigger is held down. The new M132 Microgun is a "mass destruction weapon" with a spectacular rate of fire going to 38bb's per second keeping any opponent busy. The gun can empty the 2200rd reservoir in less than a minute!

The receiver is a fiber-reinforced polymer that has kept the weight issue under control. Barrels and many other parts are made of metal, so the weapon is very solid and robust.

The four barrels of the gun are rotated by an electric motor (we recommend a 11.1V Lipo battery) and a gas bottle with threads can be used (only the Ultra Air gas bottle 14571 has suitable threads for the gun). The other options is to use compressed air, or HPA in short. Each barrel has a separately adjustable hop up and when the HPA is used it is easy to change the gun's velocity.

The trigger is a joystick styled handle, which also has a grip safety.

While shooting with this gun, a certain smile will rise to the face of the shooter, but the face will most likely be quite the opposite.

Classic Army M132 Microgun
Magazine2000 rd
Length710 mm
Weight4415 g
Velocity (0,20g)100-135 m/s

Price: 979,00

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