Apolo Air Boss Domed 6.35mm 2.2g 200pcs, Copper

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Air Boss Domed Copper .25 is a heavy copper plated shot. These are selected One by One, making them The Premium ammunition from Argentinian company Apolo.

Precise with excellent aerodynamics, retention and high impact force. Stable flight path thanks to higher weight and ideal centre of gravity. Used for long-distance shooting.

The features that distinguish the Air Boss Copper are high quality and precision of workmanship and perfect balance. The aerodynamic profile ensures high impact force and penetration. Shavings are characterized by a stable trajectory of flight even in the event of gusts of wind. Smooth cup without knurling.

Copper Plating makes it easier for the bullet to move inside the barrel wire and thus achieve higher speeds and accuracy than traditional lead shavings. Made of a low lead alloy, it leaves minimal residue in the barrel.

6.35mm / .25 cal., 2.2g / 33gr, 200pcs