Artemis B3-3PP 4.5mm

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Artemis B3-3P is a small air rifle and very affordable, with a fixed barrel. The cocking lever of the gun is located just under the barrel. With its 10 Joule power, it is perfect for accurate shooting and to add the accuracy there is a 11 mm dovetail rail, for mounting a scope or a red dot sight.

The energy is provided by a spring, that delivers about 10 Joules of power. The rifled barrel and mechanical pieces are made of steel alloy, and the stock is polymer. The stock has ambidexterous grooving for better grip.

The stock sights are fiber optic. The front sight is red and the rear is green. The sights are adjustable.

The manual safety is a lever located just in front of the trigger.

Magazine 1 rd
Length 1040 mm
Weight 2700 g
Velocity 210 m/s