Artemis CP2 4.5mm CO2 Air Gun, Black

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The Artemis CP2 Black is actually an air pistol and air rifle in one! The CP2 comes as a pistol with an additional 'convertion' set to convert it to an air rifle. This allows you to easily slide/screw the stock to the back of the pistolgrip. The barrel can easily be replaced by a longer rifle barrel, which is included.

This set also includes a silencer to reduce the noise and a sight which is adjustable for windage and elevation. All of this together with the high quality of this airgun makes the CP2 Black the ideal weapon for a lot of fun.

The Artemis CP2 Black work on Co2 cartridges (not included) and comes with 2 magazines and a silencer.

Contrary to the product images, the guns loading lever is on the left side of the gun.

Magazine 9 rd
Length 360/860 mm
Weight 925/1385 g
Velocity 150/183 m/s