ASG CZ Shadow 2 grip shells, Black

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Replace the stock grips on the CZ Shadow 2 with these discrete CZ styled aluminium grips.

These low-profile, high-grade aluminium, grips give your CZ Shadow 2 the same comfortable feel and secure grip, but with a more subtle urban black finish including famous CZ logos.

Our Shadow2 replacement grips are engineered to ensure a uniform contact surface and are hardened afterwards for increased protection against corrosion and wear, before being finally coloured through an anodising process.

Replacing the stock grips with these tactical black ones can be done in minutes with a minimum of tools.

Complete the look with the CZ Shadow 2 RMR Optic Plate (Product Code: 19236) and you will have the upper hand in any competition shooting.


Easy to install
High-grade aluminium
Tactical black finish