A2A Chronograph Black

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Versatile chronograph meant to measuring the velocities of your guns and hence to determine the power output (Joules). There are 6 different memoryplaces for different weight of BBs and from the clear LCD display, it is easy to read the measured output. 


The body of the chronograph is made out of durable polymer plastic and there is a shooting funnel made out of metal to ensure that the the delicate internals are protected. This funnel is removable. You can keep the chrono at any desk while shooting but it is also equipped with a standard attachment for regular tripods (same as in cameras). There is an automatic shut down feature available. 


  • Velocities 10-400+ m/s
  • Rate of Fire 100-9999 Shots in a minute (ROF)
  • Power out put 0,1-999J

Package includes a battery and charger. The size of the unit is 135 x 85 x 35 and weight 250g