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Product code: BB-TARGET01

Bada Bang Target System

An innovative target shooting experience like no other, the BadaBang. This target connects to your smart device via bluetooth to provide a unique interactive shooting experience never before seen in the airgun world. Download the app to your smart device, connect to your target and fire away!

The app features two unique game modes, testing both your speed and accuracy. Clear levels by besting the par time for each stage, and once you've cleared them all, test your skills at a further distance to increase the challenge.

When you're ready to take things up another notch, select the multi-player mode and challenge players from around your city or across the globe in a one-on-one match! All of this can be done right from the comfort of your own home or local shooting range.

Create profiles for different rifles and pistols, and compare your stats as you improve. BadaBang not only provides a fun shooting experience that you will want to come back to, but it is also a great tool to help improve your shooting. And what's even better, it's a shooting experience you can enjoy with the whole family!

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