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Marui M.E.U. 1911 GBB


MEU (SOC) is an upgraded version of the Colt M1911A1 gun made for USCM. This is the only way how to make already an iconic and classic gun even better. 


Marui M.E.U. is a really cool airsoft version of the real MEU 1911. The perfectly finished frame and slide are robust and very good-looking impact-resistant ABS plastic. The slide is grooved from the front and the rear to allow safe handling of the gun. Novak's licensed sights make the target acquisition quick and easy.


The weapon has rubberized grip plates and a sturdy, roughened pistol grip for a good and safe grip. The safety  is on both sides for easy handling of the handgun also for left-handed persons.


The Marui's great blowback machine gives a quick recoil and a nice snappy sound. An excellent, accurately adjustable hop gives you the ability to use different weighted bb's. The takedown in the field works like in the gunl so maintenance and hop control are easy.


As expected, the Marui gas gun is technically finalized until the last and the smooth functioning of the parts which makes the gun really accurate and smooth to use.


This gun is an idea base for anyone who is shooting Classic Division!


NOTE! All ordinary gas guns work poorly in the cold. Therefore, the gas guns can not be used in cold winter conditions. Action Air, SRA and IDPA shooters: Make sure this gun fits to your holster properly!


Although the Marui Gas Guns look poor in the light of numbers when it comes to velocity, the practical performance is quite unique in their class. Accuracy and range are world-renowned, and Marui is therefore the most popular brand among the pro shooters and sports shooters. The quality and good design of parts is also reflected in the fact that the Marui's weapons that have been in use for more than 10 years are still working like day one. 

Marui M.E.U. 1911 GBB
Magazine28 rd
Length225 mm
Weight838 g
Velocity (0,20g)95 m/s

Price: 199,00

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