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Cybergun Taurus PT 24/7 CO2 NBB metalslide

Taurus PT 24/7 is a highly powerfull gas gun with CO2 capsules. Despite the high power, one capsule fires up to 250 shots. The grip of the gun has soft rubber sleeve, which give it a good and comfortable grip. Underneath the barrel there is a sight rail where you can attach a laser or a tactical light. The compact size of the pistol makes it easy to handle and aim.

The robustness of the gun is noticeable by the weight of the gun. In addition to the plastic, there are plenty of metallic parts in the gun inside the critical points. The slide is also metal. Semi-automatic powerful pistol gun is an excellent choice for experienced players.

Licensed Taurus logos and markings finish this fine gun equipped with hop-up.

Note. The gun is very powerfull, shooting about 135m/s.

Cybergun Taurus PT 24/7 CO2 NBB metalslide
Magazine15 rd
Length180 mm
Weight710 g
Velocity (0,20g)135 m/s

Price: 79,90

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