A&K M1873 Gas Rifle, Gold

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When the colt pistols always appeared in Westerns, Winchester rifles and carbines have been too. The Winchester 1873 Rifle was not the first lever action weapon but it is the most famed for its extensive use during the late 19th century in the Americas as a general purpose defensive, hunting and combat rifle. In the history of the United States Colt peacemaker (SAA) and Winchester M1873 has been the dynamic duo of the wild wild west.

Winchesters have been used and seen in many cowboy films over the years and this model is famous from classic tv series, The Wanted: Dead or Alive, as Steve McQueen's "Mare's Leg" Winchester Model 1873.

A&K M1873 is a realistic gas riflehave a heavy metal content receiver that beautifulle nickel plated to feel like real gun. The gun cock like the real thing by pushing down on the cocking lever to arm the hammer. Metal parts including cocking mechanism, hammer, barrel, trigger. The stock parts are real wood.

Magazine 25 rd
Length 630 mm
Weight 1690 g
Velocity 121 m/s