Army Armament 1911 R45A1 GBB Black

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R45A1 is a neat, pocket-sized Colt 1911 offspring. Pocket-size pistol body and slide are full metal so it's robust and very good-looking little gun.

Fixed sights are shallow, so they do not stick to clothes and ruin the quick draw. This pistol has been designed to be concealed at all time. The slide is grooved from the back to give a better grip when tuned. The weapon has patterned grip plates that has very good wood imitation on them. This also improves the handling and shooting of this pistol while wearing some gloves.

The safety and the magazine release have also been molded into a sleek line. Even though R45A1 own magazine is short, all the longer Colt 1911 magazines fit into the gun.

The R45A1 blowback machine gives a heavy recoil and a nice metallic sound. An excellent adjustable hop gives you the ability to use different weighted bb's. The takedown in the field works like in the real gun so maintenance and hop control are easy.

Magazine 18 rd
Length 170 mm
Weight 700 g
Velocity (0,20g) 75 m/s