Army Armament 1911 R30-3 GBB Black

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R30-3 is made full metal. Metal parts include the frame, slide, magazine, external barrel and miscellaneous elements (trigger, safeties, etc.). On the other hand, grip panels were made of durable polymer and covered with an anti-slip texture in order to improve grip stability. The entire replica’s parts are aligned very well, there are no loose spots and noticeable imperfections that might come into light when taking the replica out of a box. The replica is characteristic for its custom, ribbed slide that provides the replica with a modern and aggressive appearance that catches the eye.

The replica is equipped with a double-sided, winged safety that locks the trigger mechanism and prevents accidental discharge. Access to the safety is very simple both for left- and right-handed people - the mechanism lever is within the range of a thumb. This model also boasts a functional, rear, pressure safety. It forces an appropriate grip on the replica in order to fire a shot, similarly to the original live firearm.

The pistol features adjustable iron sights. In order to gain access to the Hop-Up adjustment knob, it is necessary to remove the slide. This action lasts several seconds and does not require any tools - the slide needs only to be set in an appropriate position and the locking pin needs to be removed.

A reasonable muzzle velocity makes this replica an ideal choice as a sidearm, used indoors or at a close range. At the same time, the gas consumption is small in comparison to pistol replicas with a higher power, which makes it economical to use.

Magazine 27 rd
Length 220 mm
Weight 995 g
Velocity (0,20g) 100 m/s