Armorer Works Hi-Capa HX2602 Black

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The AW Custom HX2602 Gold Standard IPSC GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun features a custom ergonomic lower frame and grip.

The pistol is made entirely from metal, giving it a realistic weight and feeling, as well as noticeable recoil due to the weight. Aside from the custom grip, this AW Custom pistol is packed with features, front to back. The frame and the slide are full-sized and equipped with adjustable sights.

The safety is 1911 style, as one would expect on a Hi-Capa pistol. As with real M1911 pistols, the AW Custom has a functional grip safety, and below that on the grip is a customized flared magazine well that guides the magazine in for smooth seating and reloading.

Additionally, the pistol has a skeletonized flat trigger to complete the custom look of the pistol. Out of the box, the AW Custom offers a customized Hi-Capa as the AW Custom HX2602 is the perfect option for those looking for a custom pistol without breaking the bank.

AW Custom strives to provide Airsofters with high quality that come directly from the factory already upgraded. Armorer Works does not simply change the finish of the gun and label it as "custom".

Each gun that leaves Armorer Works has been modified with enhanced features that truly improve the comfort, performance and efficiency of the gun as well as cosmetic upgrades that are not generally seen in an out of the box gun.

Custom finishes, improved grips, sights and ergonomic modifications as well as improved performance and gas efficiency are hallmarks of the dedication Armorer Works puts into providing their clients with the highest quality Airsoft products possible.

Magazine 31 rd
Length 186 mm
Weight 1050 g
Velocity (0,20g) 102 m/s