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Product code: CON-GSML-TAN

Condor Ghillie Suit Tan


Ghillie suits are the ultimate camouflage for snipers. No other suit helps the wearer blend in with their woodland surroundings. The ghillie suit covers the entire body, not only blending the colors with the surroundings but disguising the human body shape by creating rough edges, making the silhouette unrecognizable for anyone that might be quickly scanning the terrain.


The OE TECH  Ghillie Suit is the perfect solution for snipers looking for the ultimate camouflage.


Size is M/L


Three-Piece Set: Jacket, Pants & Hood.
Mesh netting liner with fire retardant PP fur.
Seven Shades of Dye for woodland color.
Ready to wear.
One drawstring stuff bag.


Product Includes:
Ghillie Suit.
Boonie Hat Sniper Veil.
Rifle Wrap with Elastic Tie Down Straps

Price: 99,00

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