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Product code: DBB25-M

Diablo Bio BB 0.25g 2700 pcs

Diablo Extreme Precision precision-polished biodegradable BBs 5.95mm ± 0.01mm.

The structure of the Diablo balls has been refined to a greater degree, and thanks to the new surface treatment, the velocities of the BBs have increased up to 7 m/s.

Diablo Extreme Precision BBs are a new generation of biodegradable BBs that have been chosen to have good raw materials in order make the best possible result. Diablo Extreme Precision material is 100% biodegradable. In normal condition the mass is stable but when the mass is in touch with regular soil and humidity, the mass will decompose mostly into carbon dioxide and water with out any side effects.

The BBs come from one of the world's largest BB mills, whose quality control and automation processes meet the exact criteria. This same factory produces other world-famous BB brands as well.

The Diablo Extreme Precision biodegradable BB material is a tough mass, making it much better to use than the BB material that is hard and crunchy. Thanks to the good materials, grinding of BB surface has been very smooth and homogeneous. Thanks to the homogeneity and good precision of measurement, the velocities and precision are excellent and the BBs can also be used in heavily tuned weapons and with tight bore barrels without jam or feeding problems.

We strongly recommend Diablo BBs for spring, gas and electric guns. The BBs are packed in convenient bottles for easy dosing.

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