AKS 74U Blowback AEG, Full Metal And Wood

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The legendary AK47 is the world's most manufactured assault rifle. Designed by Mr. Kalashnikov over 70 years ago which doesnot show because age does not press this classic. Although time has shaped AK47 into a cult product that is visible and continues to function today in conflicts around the globe as well as in the entertainment industry.

The AK74U is 30 years "younger" than the older brother and is designed to be used by special forces and special police units. The more compact structure is partially united with the center frame, but the front end and the stock are typical of this model.

The receiver, barrel, dust cover, sights and small parts are metal as in the real AK74. Instead of plastic wood imitation, the wooden parts of this weapon are authentic wood with well-finished coating that feels like they should in the real gun, when you first pick up this gun in your hand. The weight of the gun is impressive by 2.8 kg, which adds realism and brings a strong and vey modest impression to this well-finished package.

The whole already glorious kit is crowned by a weapons Blowback function that moves the bolt with each shot that is made. Blowback's faint recoil and tangled sound give a nice boost to your liking when the trigger is pulled in the full-auto. If the gun would only throw out real shells.

On the side of the receiver, there is a rail meant for scope mount. The magazine is brown "bakelite" as in a genuine gun. The metallic stock is folded neatly to the side of the gun, making the compact weapon already shorter and more convinient. There are standard -14mm threads under the flash suppressor for your silencer needs.

The package includes 450rd hicap magazine, battery and charger.

Magazine 450 rd
Length 493/727 mm
Weight 2800 g
Velocity (0,20g) 110 m/s